Santo Wines

Collectiveness, Quality, Authenticity, Sustainability


The Union of Santorini Cooperatives, Santo Wines was founded in 1947. Today, it consists of the largest organization of the island representing all the cultivators and counting 1.200 active members. Santo Wines is committed to safeguarding the local traditional cultivations , producing highest quality Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Santorini wines and products as well as promoting sustainable agriculture development.

The traditional cultivations of the farmers-members of our cooperative, guarantee the authenticity and the premium quality of our products.

The promotion of all Santorini products is the most important mission of the Cooperative. PDO Santorini wines, PDO Santorini Tomato, PDO Santorini Fava, capers, caper leaves, as well as local sweet preserves, like tomato or Koufeto belong to the wide range of the Santo products of pure Santorini taste that is available for everyone to enjoy!



Volcanic Soil

As a result of one of the greatest volcanic eruptions of all time, Santorini’s strong agricultural tradition is rooted in its soil which has a unique texture and includes lava, volcanic ash and pumice stone. This special composition yields products of distinctive profile and works as a natural shield from diseases. The vineyard in Santorini is self-rooted as it was never affected by phylloxera, and is one of the most ancient in the world with a 3,500-year history.


Dry Farming

Plants on Santorini are not irrigated artificially and rainfall is rare on the island. Therefore, the watering comes from the natural humidity and the sea mist which is absorbed by the volcanic soil, providing the necessary hydration. This method, known as dry farming, results in a low-yield production that creates unique, flavourful and concentrated fava, tomatoes and grapes.

Manual work

From sowing and pruning to harvesting, all of the work in the fields is done by hand. In areas of severe slope, the farmers have created terraces, built with lava stones, known as “pezoules” in order to provide easier access to the vineyards, to facilitate the cultivation and to maximize their capacity to absorb rain water. In the vineyards, the vintners have invented a distinct way of training the vines, called “kouloura”. The vines are kept close to the ground and are given a spiral, basket shape that anchors the grapes and protects them from the strong winds.




Santorini agricultural products are unique in the world!

There are some places in this world which appear to be exactly the opposite: otherworldly.

A breathtaking landscape and unparalleled architecture have rendered Santorini a world-class destination. The story behind the island is equally fascinating; Santorini came about after one of the largest volcanic eruptions on Earth in recorded history. During the eruption, the centre of the island collapsed thousands of feet into the sea, forming the famous Caldera of Santorini. This landmark created spectacular views throughout the island and is truly one of the natural wonders of the world. The destruction left the main island of Thira in a half-moon shape and also created a group of smaller islands that make up Santorini. They are Thirassia and Aspronisi.

You can taste the island’s history through the exceptional wines, fava beans (a special kind of yellow split pea) and tomatoes (tomataki) that are solely produced here.



Known for its breath-taking scenery, Santorini also provides an amazing culinary experience. Due to the unique terroir, the island produces specialties that can only be found here. The anhydrous climate, the volcanic soil, the cooling winds and the dense humid nights, combined with the unique varieties cultivated in the island, contribute to the creation of delicacies nobody can resist.

Alati, Santorini


ALATI, which means salt in Greek, features an innovative seafood menu created by the executive chef Melina Chomata. Offering a distinctive dining experience, it showcases two completely different sceneries, for guests to chose from.


Located within the stone walls of a 400 years old winery cave and surrounded by candlelight, indoor dining creates a romantic movie set that invites food lovers to a journey over the Aegean sea and its treasures…
While outdoor dining in the upper terrace, with elements and motives inspired by the Greek summer and expressed in a modern and elegant way, is open to the star gazing with views to the rolling vineyards and the traditional village of Megalohori. The menu consists of fresh fish from the Aegean sea, accented with farm-to-table ingredients that the island is known for, yet always with a refined touch…


Grilled or pan fried fish and crustaceans include lobster, prawns, swordfish, sea bream and many more are accented by starters like tuna tartare with the island’s famous cherry tomatoes, iconic capers and Kalamata olives, while the carefully-chosen wine list offered at ALATI, indulges Santorini and Greece palettes and invites diners to a taste adventure.


Atmosphere: Casual chic

Opening Hours: 19:00 – 23:30

Seaside Santorini


A journey through the senses

It’s not just about the taste, at SEASIDE SANTORINI  we create a joyful travel through the senses by offering a once in a lifetime total experience of gourmet cuisine, a vibrant lounge bar, an elegant fashion boutique, an amazingly breath-taking beach, and a personalized event booking so to enjoy the summer the way you have imagined! Take advantage of the open beach-front restaurant as an ideal choice both to satisfy your taste and your sight, as the magnificent blue unfolds before you.


A cosmo-Mediterranean taste

Mediterranean flavours elegantly blend with the creative funky culinary “remixes” and the personal style of our chefs Tassos Bacharidis and his business partner Maria Christofidou to deliver a delicious experience! Chefs have put their outmost expertise to bring together techniques from different parts of the world to meet in your dish.


Azure & Volcanic Hues

An uninterrupted view across the South Aegean Sea is offered to you by the iconic location of our picturesque beach at Perivolos. Either you prefer to pamper in the comfortable sunbeds under the exotic umbrellas or in our Cabanas (VIP included) with fluffy towels or you are up to for swimming, the cobalt blue and the warm black sand due to the volcanic activity, will elevate your experience to an unforgettable moment.


Take advantage of our brilliant beach staff and exclusive services, and let us organize a meal to remember, while the sea is literary on your feet, on the table-boat on the beach to enjoy this sun-soaked experience.


Cocktail it up!

SEASIDE Bar Lounge is all about the Rhythm! A social place where one can come together to enjoy the chill-out vibes and mingle with the tanned dreamy guests while enjoying the nature’s painting of the sunset across the Cycladic scenery. With the beach a few meters away, the sand in your feet, and the salt on your body, should we recommend a freshly made fruity Margarita?

Selene, Santorini



Selene, with its 36 years of history, has been acknowledged as a gastronomic and cultural landmark of Santorini for defining and constantly reinventing Contemporary Greek & Cycladic Cuisine.


Led by Michelin-star rated Ettore Botrini, the most important Greek Chef of our time, Selene is entering its brightest phase yet. Influenced by the imposing aesthetics of the old Monastery in which the restaurant is currently based, the colours of the island, the abundance of the Aegean Sea and the perseverance of the rare local ingredients that flourish fearlessly among volcanic rocks, our Executive Chef introduces his culinary philosophy while honouring the legacy of Selene. Wine has always been an essential part of Selene’s journey contributing to a spherical gastronomical experience. The wine list features some of the most sought-after wines of the world with a particular affection to the wines of Santorini. It is curated by Master of Wine, Yiannis Karakasis.


The goal is to immerse our guests in an authentic gastronomic experience which seamlessly combines tradition & creativity, simplicity & ingenuity, earth & sea, nostalgia & innovation and other contradictory concepts that float in the unique, intensely aromatic space occupied by the cuisine of Selene & Ettore Botrini.


An Inspired Menu

Created with passion, the menu is a novel celebration of authenticity, inspired by the local culinary heritage of Santorini. Its refined, contemporary spin on traditional recipes excites the senses with flavours and aromas that masterfully draw from the past in intriguing new ways.


Giorgos Hatzigiannakis and his Selene Restaurant are names connected, as nobody else, with the re-discovery and promotion of the culinary treasures of Santorini. Nowadays, they are continually reinventing the gastronomic image of the island and on the 35th anniversary of Selene, the restaurant is relocated in Fira (capital of Santorini) where all started.


Selene Santorini Cuvée Privée 2020 reflects our love for the authentic character of Santorini wine. It is the result of blind tastings with Master of Wine Yiannis Karakasis, curator of the Selene wine list, to choose a wine that will summarize the essence of the Santorini terroir. Minerality, high intensities and finesse.

Through the excellent work of small family producers, we chose special casks from the Venetsanos winery, one of the most historic and innovative wineries of the island that since 1947 stands out for its very high-quality standards.