estiatorio Milos, London



Only a short walk from Piccadilly Circus, situated in the former British Columbia House in Westminster, with huge wooden doors that open wide to welcome guests, Milos London combines the unsurpassed elegance of London with the unassuming charm of Greece. Mediterranean seafood reigns, as always, in harmony with local selections from the Bay of Biscay.

Milos, opened in 2015, is a true destination situated in the very centre of London, bringing together the thriving business district with the heart of London’s West End and tourism trade. Extraordinary architecture sets the tone and includes a magnificent space for private events. The essential elements of Milos — marble, light wood, and Grecian urns — are complemented by the formal elegance of a circa 1915 building. In the very center is the crown jewel of Milos hospitality, a signature fish market.


“Nature’s ingredients are so beautiful that any attempt to tamper with them is philosophically and pragmatically wrong.”    Costas Spiliadis


Winner of The Harden’s award for The Best Fish & Seafood London Restaurant of the Year 2017 and winner of AA’s Rosette Award for Culinary Excellence in 2015-2017.


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estiatorio Milos, Athens



A sense of pure perfection

estiatorio Milos is the heart and soul of our hotel. The place where all your senses are meant to be surprised and all your wishes cared for. With 7 different locations across the world, estiatorio Milos has returned to its home country with a dedicated, unique spot and has been masterfully created to serve as an integral part of our “philoxenia” experience.


Natural taste glorified

Our purpose is uncompromised respect. To you, our guests, whose care and satisfaction become our collective mission, and to the ingredients we create our dishes with. We select the finest fresh raw materials and cook them with minimum interference to preserve their impeccable natural taste. Our distinguished farmers and fishermen are carefully chosen by our founder, Chef Costas Spiliadis, whose quest for quality and perfection remain unchanged and renowned.


Mediterranean elegance

Our menu provides a world-celebrated take on Mediterranean cuisine. Our passion for seafood is evident in every dish and our love for purity can be traced in even the finest details. Be prepared to rediscover well-known dishes cooked like never before and to establish your new favourites. Our team of distinguished chefs always explore new ways to delight you.


“Nature’s ingredients are so beautiful that any attempt to tamper with them is philosophically and pragmatically wrong.”    Costas Spiliadis


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Hamsa, Beach Bar-Restaurant



Hamsa is one of the most easily recognizable symbols of all time with religious and cultural significance in many parts of the world. It is a mysterious amulet, worn as a talisman to protect you from evil. This is our inspiration!

Hamsa is a beach bar -restaurant with unique character in the island of Kythnos that is located in a little port, Martinakia. Your comfort is our main concern and we will give everything to provide you all the amenities that you need to relax and enjoy your holidays.

At one of the beach locations on Kythnos offering uninterrupted views across the open sea, horizons of blue mix with yellows, golds, and pinks born of the generous sun. Be it a chilled gathering of friends or a day of contemplative, creative solitude, our beach is a sublime retreat. A few dozen wooden cabanas and sunbeds, elegant in their simplicity, blend discreetly with their natural surroundings.

Hamsa welcome all your notable occasions; from birthday parties to bachelorette/bachelor do’s to corporate events, pre/post-wedding parties to your full wedding itself. No matter what you’re looking to celebrate, let us know what you’re after and we’ll plan the perfect occasion.


Orloff Restaurant



In the summer of 1991 Orloff opened its doors as ‘Vizantino’ (the Byzantine). Located right at the  entrance to the Old Harbor of Spetses, it is housed in an imposing post-Byzantine building erected in 1802 that once served as the island’s Port Authority headquarters. Neighboring the historic monastery of Agios Nikolas, its incredible veranda looks out over the Old Harbour, the islands of Hydra, Dokos and Trikeri, as well as the coast of the Peloponnese, thus affording visitors one of the best views on the island. It was the first restaurant on Spetses dedicated exclusively to ‘mezes’ the small, carefully crafted dishes perfect for sharing.


With its classic wicker chairs, refined marble tables and dug-out interior reminiscent of the traditional architecture on the volcanic island of Santorini – but chiefly thanks to its exquisite cuisine – it became an instant landmark and local favourite. Pure ingredients, traditional Greek cooking, exceptional hospitality, great service, a magical view and good music are all the foundations of Orloff‘s success. But its joy and vitality are its visitors and the great atmosphere they help create.


Our dishes are made with the finest ingredients and utmost care, featuring Greek and Mediterranean tastes. We always offer a wide variety of quality mezes and to these we have added a number of main courses, honoring the traditions of Greek cuisine and building upon them with creativity.


Our wine-list also features the best of Greek wine-making and will satisfy every palate.


With our success and experience we now offer cooking lessons and catering for weddings, celebrations and events such as exhibitions.

Our Location

Walk from the new port, “Dapia”, to the “Old Harbour” and you will find at the entrance of the harbour the classical building where the island’s first port authority was housed in 1802; it houses the “ORLOFF” Restaurant since 1991.


On the Verandah


Poseidonion Grand Hotel, which first opened in 1914, was the brainchild of Sotirios Anargiros, a visionary benefactor who was responsible for much of Spetses’ development. Furthermore, it represented the cosmopolitan face of the island and soon became one of its famous landmarks, a favourite destination for the high society, royalty and the wealthy Athenians.


Following a meticulous five-year restoration programme which has brought the hotel fully up to date with the finest facilities, fixtures, and fittings while carefully preserving the original architecture of the building, Poseidonion Grand Hotel, fully refurbished, re-opened its doors in the summer of 2009, ready to welcome new visitors.


Enjoy exceptional fine dining at On the Verandah, the multiple award-winning restaurant of the Poseidonion Grand Hotel.

Our head chef, Theologos Amiras and his talented team of creative culinary professionals craft contemporary Greek dishes infused with local gastronomic traditions and the finest fresh ingredients.


Encounter classic seafront dining steeped in old world grace, with soft lighting and sunset views complementing the refined cuisine.


A perfect blend of food and setting, dinner at On the Verandah is a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience, initiating a shared journey of gastronomic discovery.


Etrusco, Corfu


“Situated near a small village in Corfu, remote from any crowded, tourist spot, Etrusco restaurant is worthy of a special journey for one to taste the real potential of the traditional Greek-Corfiot cuisine seen in a contemporary molecular perspective. Corfiot-Italian chef-owner Ettore Bottrini continues cooking in the restaurant his father, Etrusco Bottrini, opened back in 1992. Studying in Switzerland, training and working with his father, also a chef, in many MED clubs all around the world, offered Ettore the necessary experience to take over the family restaurant. After continuous training in top rated restaurants in France and a series of molecular cuisine seminars in Spain over the last years, Ettore Bottrini was then capable to take the traditional Corfiot recipes a few steps further into the 21st century and to win some awards in doing so.


Ettore Bottrini’s Etrusco has been awarded one of the best restaurants in Greece for the last 9 consecutive years and Bottrini himself has won the Greek award for the most creative chef of the year three times. Despite the fact that his cooking is inspired from the Mediterranean Sea, combining Spanish, Italian and Corfiot produce, he is experienced, open minded and talented enough to use top gourmet ingredients from all over the world. For example, the Peruvian bitter chocolate which is used in a balanced, mouth-watering and perfectly cooked ensemble, as is the smoked risotto with shrimps and the juicy, sourish white heart cherries.


The dining area is within a small courtyard, decorated in a sophisticated yet simple and cosy way where one can have dinner underneath the refreshing, green foliage. Throughout the evening, diners can watch Ettore Bottrini supervising his assistants through a large glass window looking into the kitchen.


Even though Ettore Bottrini is the Head Chef in the restaurant, he is still working with his father who makes exceptional traditional Italian cold cuts. The delicious and sweetish lardo, the savoury bresaola, served with high quality extra virgin olive oil and chive, the smoked pork cold cuts, the salami and the slightly smoked prosciutto are the best way to begin your meal.”



From “WBP Stars” (Worlds Best Places)

Mazi in Syros




Nestled in a scenic cobblestone alleyway bordering the Miaoulis Square, the cultural hub of Syros, an enchanting garden is turned into the fine dining restaurant MAZI. Old stone arches, remnants of a glorious past, are covered by climbing plants in an overgrown secluded garden in the heart of Hermoupolis. Bougainvillea trees in full bloom act as a spectacular roof.


Here, spurred on by the aura of the Cyclades islands, we bring together the Greek culinary philosophy and different cooking cultures around the world to present our own creative cuisine. We are always interested in the concept of food and drink being linked. There is a special knack for a successful food and cocktail pairing which would enhance a dining experience. We believe in the matching of flavours and we created our wine list in order to take you on a trip to the most renowned Greek vineyards and world’s most celebrated wine regions.




We focus on sensing the full richness of our dishes. Our chefs draw their inspiration from the culinary identity of the Greek islands, they embrace multiculturalism and compose a menu in which the quality of the ingredients and the creative ways that are combined play a key role. Every dish comes from ideas that we draw from our own tradition and the international trends of the gastronomic scene, the adaptation and reinvention of Greek and international cooking techniques and the selection of the finest ingredients creating our own mosaic of flavors.

Triantaraki, Tinos



Triantaraki is a traditional Greek kafenio, with a modern decoration that makes it stand out. It is spotted in a beautiful alley of Triantaros village, on a high spot that commands spectacular views over the surrounding area. What is worth mentioning about Triantaraki, is the wide range of options in its menu. It offers coffee, breakfast, desserts, local drinks, mezedes and other delicious, Greek assortments. Triantaraki is also known for its variety of Greek craft beers and Greek wine labels.



“Fabulous- outstanding food – salad and pork was stunning as was the service. A traditional Greek restaurant in a small village in the mountains of Tinos- a must visit restaurant and experience you will not forget!”
“The best small restaurant in Tinos.

Amazing dishes combining different ingredients in an unprecedented way! The portions are small (mezze), which is normal for such a place, but they are incredibly tasty! Definitely worth a visit for dinner”

The Borzoi Restaurant & Club, Skiathos



The Restaurant

A combination of pure, fresh Mediterranean diet along with inspirations from different countries throughout the world are what drives the main focus of our critically acclaimed kitchen that has been long known as the finest on the island.

At The Borzoi we have done our utmost to recreate the whole dining experience by turning it into a ritual that truly aims to amplify the senses and cleansing the soul.

The experience at The Borzoi is expected to be enhanced even further through the organization of specially curated food tasting events & degustations that will serve as tributaries to some of the most famous & interesting cuisines from around the globe.


The Club

Originally established in 1977, The Borzoi is Skiathos most iconic and commemorated nightclub, a place that aims to re-interpret traditional island living by bringing together people of different backgrounds, habitats and experiences.

Situated in the location of an old olive press at the centre of the town, the venue was bought by new owners in 2015 and has undergone full renovation having successfully being turned into a sophisticated hub of music & great taste, fine cuisine, rejuvenating spirits and art.

The concept of the brand new, The Borzoi, emphasizes on a combination of contemporary elements with Skiathos almost half-a century old bohemian heritage. More specifically, the purpose of the club is to revive the eternal spirit of Skiathos cosmopolitan lifestyle whilst bringing the island once more into the spotlight of international extravaganza.


By bringing the essence of multiculturalism and drawing inspirations from different parts of the globe, the second generation of The Borzoi has managed to create a new form of entertainment with a constant focus on themed parties & events, guest DJ appearances & unique gourmand tastings.

Magic Hill, Lourdas



In 1999 Peter and Lorraine decided to build this restaurant and opened the doors to their first customers. Since then, the restaurant has expanded and grown to become one of the most popular restaurants in Kefalonia. The restaurant has been featured in many travel articles and magazines like Marie Claire, The Culture Trip, Daily Mail UK and more.



As a local business and farmers we believe in supporting our local community in buying all our daily fresh products from certified Kefalonian producers. For the things we don’t buy locally, we make, grow, water, raise, and prepare all ourselves as we have our own farm where we get our vegetables, feta cheese, olive oil and meat.  Our recipes are simple, authentic classics, many of them coaxed out of Greek grandmothers, mothers, and aunts whose ideas of a recipe were a pinch of this and a sprinkle of that.



Treat yourself to a unique gastronomic experience at Lorraine’s Magic Hill. An incredible selection of dishes, freshly caught fish and local products, are prepared for an exquisite fusion of flavours for you to enjoy in a unique relaxing setting.



The restaurant is located on a hill just 200m from the beach of Lourdas, offering a magnificent panoramic view to the sea and the island of Zakynthos. Our premises are situated over three levels. The Bar has two areas, covered and open air, where you can enjoy a nice drink before or after a meal, or just to refresh yourself on a hot day. The Restaurant has two areas, a large covered area, and a large open air terrace, both offer amazing views. We also accommodate functions such as birthday parties, christenings and weddings.
We offer free internet access to our customers.