Selene, Santorini




Selene, with its 36 years of history, has been acknowledged as a gastronomic and cultural landmark of Santorini for defining and constantly reinventing Contemporary Greek & Cycladic Cuisine.


Led by Michelin-star rated Ettore Botrini, the most important Greek Chef of our time, Selene is entering its brightest phase yet. Influenced by the imposing aesthetics of the old Monastery in which the restaurant is currently based, the colours of the island, the abundance of the Aegean Sea and the perseverance of the rare local ingredients that flourish fearlessly among volcanic rocks, our Executive Chef introduces his culinary philosophy while honouring the legacy of Selene. Wine has always been an essential part of Selene’s journey contributing to a spherical gastronomical experience. The wine list features some of the most sought-after wines of the world with a particular affection to the wines of Santorini. It is curated by Master of Wine, Yiannis Karakasis.


The goal is to immerse our guests in an authentic gastronomic experience which seamlessly combines tradition & creativity, simplicity & ingenuity, earth & sea, nostalgia & innovation and other contradictory concepts that float in the unique, intensely aromatic space occupied by the cuisine of Selene & Ettore Botrini.


An Inspired Menu

Created with passion, the menu is a novel celebration of authenticity, inspired by the local culinary heritage of Santorini. Its refined, contemporary spin on traditional recipes excites the senses with flavours and aromas that masterfully draw from the past in intriguing new ways.


Giorgos Hatzigiannakis and his Selene Restaurant are names connected, as nobody else, with the re-discovery and promotion of the culinary treasures of Santorini. Nowadays, they are continually reinventing the gastronomic image of the island and on the 35th anniversary of Selene, the restaurant is relocated in Fira (capital of Santorini) where all started.


Selene Santorini Cuvée Privée 2020 reflects our love for the authentic character of Santorini wine. It is the result of blind tastings with Master of Wine Yiannis Karakasis, curator of the Selene wine list, to choose a wine that will summarize the essence of the Santorini terroir. Minerality, high intensities and finesse.

Through the excellent work of small family producers, we chose special casks from the Venetsanos winery, one of the most historic and innovative wineries of the island that since 1947 stands out for its very high-quality standards.