Mr E, Paros


Mr. E is an aristocrat of today. Nobody sees him but you feel him. He embodies the culture of the island as a concept. Parīlio connects with the local Parian cuisine and pays tribute to old traditional recipes and local produce seen through the eyes of Mr. E, a global explorer of today, that anchored in Paros to connect his past with the present.


While soaking in the calmness and relaxing surroundings, your stay will be enriched by subtle pleasures and a wealth of culinary diversions prepared by celebrated Chef Alexandros Tsiotinis.


In this extraordinary gastronomic journey, we invite you not only to savour the tastes but also the sacred tradition of sharing, an equally important Greek value as the food itself.


Mr. E invites you to taste the island’s famed gastronomic legacy and serves up fresh, seasonal Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in a space embraced by a verdant natural environment and ample Cycladic light, surrounded by the wild beauty of Paros’ pastoral landscape. Kindly note that reservations are required to assure ample spacing, while reservations for breakfast should be made one day in advance.

Stou Fred Paros



French chef Fred Chesneau decided to bring something that teeters on fine dining to the island—a departure from the more classic Greek tavernas that fill Paros. Set within a small garden full of flowers, trees, and ivy, Stou Fred’s menu changes weekly, but the format—five courses of French-influenced dishes—remains the same. The well-curated wine list (of mostly smaller French producers) draws a loyal crowd, as does the beautiful garden setting.


“We went to the restaurant to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Everything was perfect for this special day, the food, the environment and the service. It was a great experience! Extra bonus to meet and speak with Chef! He is lovely and he cooks with all of his love!”


“Un trésor bien gardé niché dans une des ruelles de Parikia, une déco raffinée qui vous invite au voyage. Laissez vous porter par Fred et son équipe! Une belle expérience gustative à faire absolument pour faire du bien à vos papilles si vous êtes sur Paros. Nous avons passé une excellente soirée, un grand merci pour l’accueil, le partage et la qualité des prestations en toute simplicité!”



And, by the way, Stou Fred in Paris now. After having launched his first restaurant “Stou Fred Paros” in the Cyclades in 2017, Fred Chesneau, the Globe-Cooker, decided to play extra time with the creation of the Parisian little brother “Stou Fred Paris”: an address confidential where Fred can restore all the love he has for his country of heart, Greece.

Mario, Paros



Elegance, refinement and authenticity



Our food is prepared with the freshest of products, and thus the menu changes according to the seasons and, of course, the creative imagination of our chef.  He treads skilfully between creativity and tradition, modernity and classicism. He delights the eye with artful presentation and the mouth with exquisite flavours touched by a hint of exoticism.

The founder and owner of Mario Restaurant is Mario Tsachpinis. Mario was born in 1983. His dad, Georgios Tsachpinis owns a place next to were Mario Restaurant is, famously known as under his last name, Tsachpinis or Ouzeri Ton Nautikon which now, his brother Nektarios Tsachpinis manages. Mario always wanted to become an entrepreneur and since his dad already owned a restaurant, he decided to work for him until he gains as much experience possible to open his own restaurant. Thus his dream and passion always was and is to own a restaurant.



Until today Mario Restaurant is rapidly growing and more and more people get to know Mario and make it their favourite place to visit during their summer vacations in Paros. Today Mario restaurant is well known for many people around the globe. We welcome more than 8,000 during the summer season and we aim to reach 12,000 and why not 15,000 over the next few years.


We have a large list of Local and Premium Greek and International wines with a pleasing aroma chosen exclusively by us for you.



Let Mario Restaurant and Catering cater to all your needs and organise all of your needs. We specialise in Villa Caterings, Boat Caterings and of course Wedding Catering. We are able to provide every taste, every space, every decoration, music, type of service and a budget that you can afford.