Inland Ice

Greenland Water

“The purest drinking water on earth”….from the top of the world to the top table


The taste of 100,000  years …..

Permanent ice that covers more than 50,000 kms is known as an ice sheet. These sheets exist in only two locations on earth – namely, Antartic and Greenland. The ice sheet of Greenland, also known as the Inland Ice, covers approx. 80% of Greenland. It is generally over 2 km thick and more than 3 km at its thickest point.

In a continuous, natural process, the ice sheet “calves” icebergs which melt and are absorbed into the ocean. Bottling this ice thus retrieves one of the most valuable natural resources that exists – clean drinking water – before it is lost at sea.

The INLAND ICE has been encapsulated for more than 100,000 years – completely isolated from any contact with layers of soil, and was formed long before the first human being set foot within the Arctic Circle. This process of preservation is what has kept this product of nature ina uniquely pristine state – free of any pollutants or contamination.

This places INLAND ICE water in an exceptionally rare category as the purest unprocessed drinking water on earth – with a taste that fully matches its uniqueness.


Ultimate Palate Enhancer

These days, as the world of gastronomy has taken centre stage, consumers are paying more and more attention to the quality of their produce, to how it is grown and where it comes from. Chefs and restaurateurs around the world are finding themselves having to rise to the challenge of delivering new taste experiences that are not easily forgotten.

It is the unique chemical composition and extreme purity of INLAND ICE water that not only gives it such a smooth mouthfeel but also prevents it from binding to any ingredients it is mixed with – a unique characteristic that makes distinct and individual flavours shine  to their fullest potential.

Whether you are on a culinary journey of discovery, or are a chef, developing new flavour combinations, you will find that INLAND ICE water is the ultimate palate enhancer, giving the perfect offset in a world of multiple flavour expressions and constant sensory input.


Sustainability & CO2 Offset

“A priority for us is to produce INLAND ICE as a sustainable product. Harvesting water from such a remote part of the world also needs to make sense on a global environmental scale. The carbon footprint of INLAND ICE is being offset 100% through measurable carbon reductions. In addition to this we are also planting trees in the Climaider forest in Madagascar.”


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