Prosilio, Zakynthos

“Creative cooking & fine wine”



Welcome to “Prosilio” which is located next to the island’s brand new Solomos square, in the centre of Zakynthos town. With a renewed menu and with its unsurpassed aesthetics is ready to travel you to a plethora of tasteful destinations. Prosilio is a high quality restaurant with high standards. The minimal interior with its open kitchen and the warm welcome from its people are just the beginning of a magical gastronomical journey. Let us travel you to our scented, colourful paths.



Catch of the Day Tartar – Sea urchin, seaweed oil, tapioca dipped in soya liquer, smoked egg custard. “Kavurmas” Pie with Yeast Dough – Pear purée, chicken demi-glace, curry Madras oil. Rabbit Stew Dumplings – Potato foam, white truffle, onion consommé, shimeji mushrooms. Compressed Lamb Shank-Sous Vide Rack of Lamp – Jerusalem artichoke “risotto”, peas-wild garlic velouté. Lemon Meringue Pie – Lemon-basil cream, crémeux calamansi, white chocolate, caramelized pecan. All of the above are just some of the dishes offered in “Prosilio” restaurant. An excellent selection of more than 100 wine labels can be added into the unique variety of dishes, both from Greek and foreign vineyards. There is the possibility to serve a glass of any wine in the restaurant with the Coravin method.



We invite you to experience the ambient environment of our restaurant with its beautiful garden and privacy that only a few places can offer in the town centre.

Wine & Art in Zante



A venue of enhanced creativity


Art & Wine is located at Trilagkada, Zakynthos Island in Greece, near the mountainous settlement of Maries, northwestern of the island. Two different but connected worlds of creation cohabit its spaces; an icon painting workshop and a boutique winery. Both live on the hard work, the passion and the life of Giatras-Gkoumas family, confined in a traditional, refurbished home made of stone at the Zakynthian countryside.

Fine Greek wine from the Ionian, made in the old ways and certified by the modern. In our winery you will find not regular, commercial labels, but only varieties provided within the history and culture of the Heptanese: rare, red Avgoustiatis and lively, golden Vostilidi.

Not far from our winery, another universe lies. Religious painting, iconography and spiritual canvasses give form to images from the holy scriptures, made by Giannis Giatras himself. The creations of the workshop complements with devoutness the offerings of nature, pairing the fruits of the land with the fruits of art.

Art & Wine is not merely another place to see. Our boutique winery and land demonstrates everyday labour, the home of a family, inspiration, a personal story full of wine flavours and divine colours.

Giannis Giatras – Gkoumas was born in 1959 in Maries. Following the family tradition, he bent to agriculture and mastered the craft of quality, homemade wine making, in times when production had not yet been eased by current equipment. Giannis lived in Athens until 1987, where he became keen on hagiography – icon painting – and endowed to the Byzantine School.

Once he returned to the island, Giannis wished to make the best of the lands his family owned for more than 100 years, in an effort to combine the two crafts he possessed. Along with his wife, Despoina, and daughter, Eviana, they began to produce their own wine, focusing on quality to every stage, from planting and the vine-harvest to bottling.

Today, the family has fully renovated its patrimonial property, the gardens, the workshops and the home, for all visitors who value fine wine, as well as those interested in Greek icon painting.

Boutique Art & Wine promises bliss and tranquility, only a few kilometres away from the picturesque settlement of Maries. Come to our home and workshop at the countryside and try selected wines along with homemade treats.

Enjoy a tour – in English – across the estate and vineyard by the Giatras family, navigate its stone-made paths while tasting extraordinary wine and gaze freely on the display of hand drawn icons and frescos.

A warm welcoming awaits all our guests; those who simply wish to know more about wine production and icon painting, as well as those who also wish to purchase from our wine collection or painting workshop.