Vroulidia, Sifnos


The Restaurant is located in the area of Vroulidia in the centre of a picturesque blue-green beach and has been open since 2009 seasonally from June to September. It is the family business of Yiannis, Tasia and their two sons, Vassilis and Lefteris. Guests at the beach can enjoy their coffee or drink on the beachfront shop’s loungers.

The restaurant is decorated with Sifnaikan woven textiles and pottery (from the family’s traditional pottery workshop located right next to the restaurant). Breakfast, lunch or dinner are served in this elegant setting, under the pergolas in the courtyard or on the terrace of the Restaurant. The location of the restaurant, the hospitality of the owners and the amazing dishes make the restaurant one of the best on the island, which is renowned for its cuisine.


Tasia cooks for her customers as amazingly and cleanly as she would cook for her home, possessing knowledge and taste, with materials from her garden and her animals. The fresh vegetables, zucchini, aubergines, onions, tomatoes, string bean and Sifnaiki kseromizithra in the salads will delight you.

Try the Sifnaiko Mastelo and the traditional Sifnaiki revithada (chick pea soup) that is cooked in traditional Sifnaikan pottery and cooked slowly in a traditional wood oven.

In addition to the wood-burning oven that lights up every day and emits the aromas of the foods that are simmering, every Sunday we also have lamb, kontosouvli and chicken on a spit.

Other options are the delicious appetizers, pastitsio and stuffed vegetable, fresh fish and seafood (delicious octopuses and calamari), sun-dried mackerel and Tasia’s homemade pastries.

Omega 3, Sifnos



Fish and seafood is the common denominator in this kitchen-lab experimenting with old and new, Sifnian and Greek goods under global inspiration. Numerous small creations are proposed in a casual bar setting a few meters from the Aegean sea.

Get carried away by more than fifty suggestions of each year’s best small Greek-only winery productions. Omega3 must be perceived as the place and the time to actually digest sensations, leaving a feeling that life is wonderful.


Condenast Traveller: from “SIFNOS: the most delicious Greek island”