Private Jet Charter



Exceptional private jet charter services from around the world

L’e Marquis has teamed up with a world-class aviation services team, delivering a wide range of solutions; we will now provide a seamless end to end experience for you and your party through highly competitive and well thought through private jet charter programmes.


Our private jet charter service gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose an aircraft based on your need. Enjoy access to a global range of several thousand aircraft; from six seaters to twenty seaters, we will source the finest available aircraft for the operation all whilst maintaining a highly competitive price. We will organise specific dietary requests, and also arrange the transfers from your home to the airport and from the airport to your villa.


To give you an idea of prices.

Six Seater Eight Seater Ten Seater Twenty Seater
London to Mykonos £19,225 £24,995 £23,775 £56,000
Paris to Mykonos £16.850 £21,000 £24,100 £61.500
Munich to Mykonos £12,800 £17.000 £19,575 £60,500
Madrid to Mykonos £20,550 £21,675 £25,850 £71.000
Geneva to Mykonos £15,300 £17,450 £20,875 £61,000
Moscow to Mykonos £21,100 £24,750 £30,100 £85,500
Dubai to Mykonos £30,550 £32,150 £35,900 £78,000


Please request for other routes.

All prices are subject to aircraft location and availability, and subject to confirmation at the time of booking.