Petit Tipota, Antiparos



An iconic boutique with a Parisian aura and exclusive brands for sophisticated shopaholics, on the beach Apandima in the heart of the Beach House Resort. With a fanatical clientele even from the international jet set, the creation of Frenchwoman Stephanie surprises even the most sophisticated resort wear shopping enthusiasts with exclusive brands such as Inouitoosh, Pier, Calarena, Lido, Mare di Latte… accompanied by fine accessories. Last but not least, “The Nice Fleet” ¬†water inflatables that add a playful summer feel to the minimal design of the boutique. Perfect shopping choice! ¬† by Tassos Dousis


Stephanie Artarit,the owner of Petit Tipota, is the author of Athens Riviera, a book that was released in May 2020 as one of the latest additions to Assouline’s series of books on magical travel destinations. French journalist and writer Stephanie Artarit, who also worked as a psychoanalyst for many years in Tokyo, lives today betwen Athens and Antiparos Island.


When she talks about Greece and especially the islands we can feel that she has been touched by the grace of the Greek Gods:”I was 20 the first time I came to Greece just for 2 weeks of holidays.It was in Santorini…30 years ago.I was dazzled.Since then, I have travelled a lot, and I must confess it is still one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen…”


“Working on an island is like being on vacation somehow.I meet many people in my little shop, and my clients become very often my friends.As the shop is mostly an open space near the beach and the bar, we enjoy drinking cocktails or coffee (depends on the time), sharing the island’s latest gossip.As I used to be a psychoanalyst, these chats sometimes turn into funny psy sessions…”

From her Interview at “Beyond Greek Salad” of March 8, 2021